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Mission Statement

Foothill Technology High School provides an environment in which inquiry is welcomed and learning has continuity and relevance. Our staff will support positive interaction among students, teachers, parents, and the community. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to compete and excel in the technologically advanced world of tomorrow.

Goals and Objectives

To provide a unique educational setting where students can learn skills and acquire knowledge focused on career outcomes valued by the students and future employers. FTHS focuses on careers in communications and health services.

To prepare students to enter a university, enter a two-year community college, continue technical training, or join the work force or military.

To produce a well-rounded, responsible person who becomes a productive citizen.


About Foothill Technology High School

Foothill Technology High School, established in 2000, is one of six high schools in the Ventura Unified School District. The mission of FTHS is to encourage an environment in which inquiry is welcomed and learning has continuity and relevance. Our staff supports positive interaction among all stakeholders. The goal is for all students to be prepared to compete and excel in the technologically advanced world of tomorrow.

Foothill is a magnet school where students enroll through a random and unbiased lottery process. A rigorous college prep curriculum focuses on the career paths of communications, technology, and health sciences. Foothill has an enrollment of 980 students. The school strives to meet the district’s mission of having a “safe, high-performing school”.

Foothill Technology High School has a culture centered on academic excellence with the belief that students will succeed in a rigorous environment when they feel connected to school and are supported by school wide intervention programs. The small size of the student body allows an opportunity for positive staff and student rapport. An active ASB organizes many student-centered activities to foster student connectedness. Additionally, Foothill’s nationally recognized Renaissance program motivates students through academic recognition for high grades as well as for academic growth and improvement.

FTHS has a modified block schedule. This schedule allows teachers 90-minutes to address curriculum in depth. The block schedule also allows the school to bank time in order for staff to collaborate on a weekly basis. This meeting time has been critical in establishing a professional, innovative, and creative learning community.

Foothill offers a model mid-day advisory program. Foothill Intervention Reinforcement and Enrichment is a 30-minute, mid-day advisory period scheduled weekly Tuesday through Friday. All 9th grade students are enrolled in the FIRE advisory during their first semester on campus. New 10th, 11th and 12th grade students may "opt in" as well during their first semester on campus as they adjust to their new surroundings. FIRE provides a structured environment in which new FTHS students can connect with teachers and experienced student “mentors”; learn about FTHS’ programs, procedures and traditions; and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorously academic high school environment provided at Foothill Technology High School.

Each year students participate in integrated project based learning assignments. These projects are completed at each grade level centering on contemporary and relevant topics. Students research, write, debate, and then present their findings and experiences to community members. The staff collaborates at the FTHS Summer Institute and throughout the year to build and improve the projects.

At FTHS, technology is more than a tool; it is integral to instruction and learning. The computer to student ratio is approximately one computer for three students. Computers are available in the four labs where applications are taught, the center of the five teaching pods, and the Media Center. Each classroom has a teacher presentation station that can share DVD, video, and Power Point presentations via a ceiling mounted multimedia projector. All incoming students become proficient in the computer applications taught in the course Education in the Digital Age.

Career education spans four years at FTHS. The Career/Media Specialist visits the grade nine classes and students complete some basic inventories accessing their skills, interests, and aptitudes. In grades 10-12, students explore specific career interests through job shadowing, field trips, and guest speakers. Students are made aware of additional career, scholarship, and university information that is available in the Media Center and online.

A unique physical education program has been set up at FTHS due to campus size and facility constraints. A full time teacher offers supervised Physical Education classes at the nearby athletic clubs. A small percentage of students participate in independent P.E. through pre-approved community organizations. FTHS offers dance classes taught by a professional dance instructor. Twenty percent of our student population participates in sports at their boundary school.

Community service is a requirement for graduation. Many students have carried this involvement well beyond the required 75 hours. Students must complete 60 hours between 9th and 11th grades. The remaining 15 hours must be completed in conjunction with The Senior Hero Project.

Foothill has established itself as an academic leader in California by adhering to state standards, creating rigorous and relevant curriculum, establishing a professional learning community through regular structured collaboration time, and motivating students by building strong connections between all stakeholders. In the last several years, Foothill has achieved numerous academic and co-curricular successes. These include: an Academic Performance Index (API) of 906 that ranks in the top 1 percent among the approximately 1500 California public high schools, a 2005 California Distinguished School recipient, a 2006 National Blue Ribbon School, a 2009 U.S. News and World Report “Top Schools in America” award winner, and a AVID National Demonstration School. Recently, Foothill has once again been nominated for the National Blue Ribbon School award for 2012.


What Foothill Offers Students

Foothill Technology High School provides students with an integrated curriculum that links today's learning with tomorrow's careers. With an enrollment of 900 students, Foothill Technology High School offers:

  • a small school environment with career and academic guidance, administrative support and a 3 to 1 ratio of students to computers
  • an enriched curriculum in which state-of-the-art technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum with emphasis on research and practical applications
  • an atmosphere that encourages strong parental involvement
  • a school website for homework assignments and other relevant school information
  • voice mail and email addresses for each staff member in order to enhance communication among teachers, parents and students
  • adult mentors from the business community, internships and job-shadowing
  • Ventura College Partnership for priority registration and extended course offerings

Foothill Technology High School has extracurricular activities such as ASB, clubs, dances, yearbook, newspaper, etc. The only activities not offered are sports and music. Athletes and musicians may participate in those activities at their designated boundary high school.

Transportation to Foothill Technology High School is available to students. They will take the regular bus routes to Buena or Ventura High Schools, then proceed to FTHS. Exact route and times are posted here.

Hot meals are served on campus during lunch in Spirito Hall. Those students qualifying for free and reduced lunches are encouraged to apply. Forms are available in the FTHS office.


Foothill's Instructional Focus

The instructional focus ties in the 'fourth R = relevance'. Foothill Technology High School also offers an alternative to the structure and teaching methods of a traditional high school which include:

  • all core curriculum that is college-preparatory,
  • a modified block schedule allowing for seven courses per semester,
  • computers, online learning, and other technological features used as tools in the classrooms and labs,
  • collaboration with students, teachers, and the business community which is a high priority
  • partnerships which are developed to support instructional programs, including;
    • Ventura Technology Development Center
    • Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
    • Ventura College
    • California State University, Channel Islands
    • University of California, Santa Barbara
    • other local health and communication businesses

Standards at the California State Department of Education